Stars Of My Face

​Yes I have freckles so what?

Most of them are because of genetic and doctor told me that even laser will not erase them. Some are because of sun and aging which still can be maintain.

Sedih punya freckles? NOPE!
In fact I love them and will not try to cover them with lots of foundation and concealer. They are the stars of my face. ☄☄☄

Saya tetap merawat kulit to the max supaya kulit tetap sehat dan glowing bukan untuk menghilangkan freckles2 saya…toh memang mereka tdk bisa dihilangkan karena genetik. And I don’t need to make a fake freckles yang sedang trend saat ini just to make my face looks unique and cute LOL.

So…love your skin just the way it is. Sedikit freckles atau bintik2 tidak akan membuat kita jadi jelek. Yang penting kita harus rajin merawat kulit inside out supaya tetap sehat and glowing. ❤

Be your kind of beautiful ❤



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