#BEAUTYREVIEW : Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

When the first time I saw this bronzer, WOW the packaging is very cute and I have to get it for this summer LOL. It gets me some tropical feeling…oh summer holiday I really crave for you


It claims that it will moisturize your skin and give you a radiant Brazillian goddess glow…uwww! Likeeyy!!


Ok let’s try then….

I’m so loving the packaging..gosh it’s so cute! And it’s smells veryyyy nice!! Wanginya enaakk banget pingin cium2 terus hahahaha..This bronzer comes with the applicator. It’s not brush applicator but sponge applicator. I haven’t try the applicator yet, I use brush to apply this bronzer to my skin and it went well šŸ™‚



The texture is very soft and it blends well with my skin. Warnanya juga bagus banget, ga tebel norak gitu. Pokoknya bagus bgt deh. I called it natural golden glow LOL


See the color? So preety!!
I’m in love with this bronzer, so far the best bronzer that I’ve ever tried. So soft, smooth and it gives the summer glow that I always want. Pokoknya a must have product for this summer.

Happy summer everyone! šŸ™‚



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