#BEAUTYREVIEW : The One Loose Powder

I love face baking and almost never go out without doing it LOL. At the first I saw The One Loose Powder, all I can think is “I have to try it for my face baking!!” Scary huh when face baking is become something addicting LOL


The packaging is imut-imut or rather small, so it’s easier to bring whenever I go. Ga menuhin makeup pouch pastinya. Very handy to bring when traveling.


Dannn..teksturnya ternyata lembuut sekali! I love it! I choose light color for my face baking and I think the color suits my skin color so well. I used to use ELF Color Correction Powder in Yellow and I think The One Loose Powder is better than my ELF. Tekstur dan terutama warnanya itu lho pas banget deh buat muka saya. ELF maaf ya kamu harus istirahat dulu di dalam rak makeup saya ya hehehe…

Hasilnya pun ciamiikkk sekali. It blends well with my skin dan ga bikin kulit terlihat kering. Untuk yang kulitnya berminyak cucok juga nih pakai ini. Very very recommended pokoknya!!


So yang hobi face baking atau baru mau belajar face baking, The One Loose Powder ini bisa jadi pilihan. Hasil cantik dengan harga sangat terjangkau! Looveee this product!!



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