#DIY : Teacher’s Survival Kit

After long Christmas and new year holiday, I’ve decided to give something special for my son’s teachers. Something DIY or homemade and useful for the teachers. Then I came with this idea…why don’t I give them “Teacher Survival Kit”!!

It’s so simple but still sweet. All you need is a packaging and stuff to put inside.


What I put inside?
– Hand sanitizer
– Cleansing wipes
– stationaries like pencil, pen, eraser
– also paper clip and post it
– band aid
– and not to forget healthy snacks

So simple right? But sometime simple things could turn into big sweet things if you do it with your heart πŸ˜‰

Dan saatnya kembali ke sekolah….
My son is also excited to give the Teacher’s Survival Kit to all his teachers. And one of the teacher (who is my uni friend too) send me a text message, saying that she’s so touched with this Teacher’s Survival Kit. She also said that I really know what a teacher need…uhuuk sungguh terharuu jadinya.

Jadi semakin bersemangat bikin DIY gift idea lainnya hehehe πŸ˜‰

Tunggu ide-ide DIY lainnya yaaa



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