SAVE or SPLURGE : SkinPro Cleansing System VS Clarisonic Mia 2

Oriflame Indonesia has just launched SkinPro Cleansing System! I’m so excited about this product! When the 1st time I saw SkinPro, I thought hey it’s just look like Clarisonic! Is it really look alike? OK let’s discuss about them……

images-74       images-152

  • SkinPro uses AA Battery, Clarisonic uses charger
  • SkinPro’s buttons is on the behind, and Clarisonic is on the front
  • Both has 2 speed
  • appearance look a like…ya 11-12 lah
  • Clarisonic has many colors, SkinPro only 1 color to choose
  • SkinPro way much cheaper than Clarisonic!

I think that’s all the differences between those 2 products. Sekarang tergantung dari kebutuhan kita masing-masing mau pilih produk yang mana. Karena kedua produk menawarkan hal yang sama 🙂  If you have unlimited shopping spree then you can choose Clarisonic Mia2, but if you have tight budget I really recommend you to choose SkinPro.

Be a smart shopper! 😉




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