Travel in Fashion : Airport Tips

Who doesn’t love traveling? But sometimes going to the airport is pretty annoying if you don’t know what to do and what to wear. Yes WEAR or the outfits! Salah kostum sewaktu bepergian bisa ganggu banget lho! Imagine if you wear mini dress and high heels to the airport…uhh ohh you won’t be able to move quickly, freely and easily like catching up  your plane or lift your bags at the x-ray check section.
Atau pakai aksesoris berlebihan yang bikin bunyi-bunyi sewaktu security check? iih ganggu banget dan bikin antrian jadi lama dan panjang.

So what should we wear to the airport?

  1.  Nice t-shirt or fited shirt,   make sure you wear nice, comfort and clean t-shirt. Not too tight and not too loose dan bukan kaos oblong yg biasa kita pakai untuk bersantai dirumah ya 🙂
  2. Leggings or tailored pants, forget your fave jeans for awhile. Leggings or tailored pants are very light to wear. You won’t hear any noises when you walk through the security check-in. Pastikan legging atau celana kamu polos ya ga ada hiasan aneh-aneh yang akan bunyi sewaktu pemeriksaan.
  3. Sweater, airplane can be so cold, just make sure to bring sweater with us. You don’t want to feel cold during your flight don’t you?
  4. Pashmina/Shawl,  just like the sweater, pashmina or shawl will make you warm and comfy during your flight. And of course it looks fabulous too 🙂
  5. Sunglasses,  very useful if you take morning or noon flight. It will protect our eyes from the sun. Silau banget kalau penerbangan pagi atau siang.
  6. Flat Shoes, I know we all love our high heels so much but please please forget them for awhile. Wear flat comfortable shoes instead. Mau lari-lari kejar pesawat ketika transfer pesawat pakai high heels? ga kan 🙂 And the most important thing, most airport will ask us to take off your shoes at the security check-in. So make sure you wear a light and comfortable shoes.
  7. Watches, to remind us the time so we won’t miss our flight 🙂
  8. Fabulous bag,  make sure it’s not too small or too big. All your important stuff like wallet, passport and other travel documents harus bisa masuk kedalam tas biar ga ribet dan berceceran.

Travel in Fashion So…are you ready to travel in style now? xoxo


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