Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

Had a great Valentine’s day. Not planning to celebrate it in a extravagant way because I still have to work at the workshop.

Starting the day by making a simple valentine’s breakfast for my hubby. Nothing fancy, just poached egg, toast, coffee and banana. And after that he was rushed to the office..pheeww


Valentine's Breakfast

I maintained to make valentine’s lunch too for kiddo. A bit special dishes, yellow rice, fried chicken and sauted vegetables. He loves the fried chicken so much 🙂
Then I rushed to the workshop to finished some works.


Kiddo Valentine's Lunch

After finished some works at the workshop, I rushed back to the kitchen to prepare some valentine’s dinner. And start to dressing up phewww…busy day for sure! LOL 😀


How do I look?

How do I look? Will write about my valentine’s look later on my next post 🙂

I made spicy bbq chicken and sausages with corn and potatoes for the valentine’s dinner. And I’m glad that hubby likes my simple cooking 🙂
Then we just cuddled up on the sofa while watching TV. Nothing so special but I really had a great time today.


Spicy Valentine's Dinner

Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year? No matter you are single or in a relationship, I think this day is a special day to show or make it special with those who really important for you. Family, bestfriends, colleagues etc.. 🙂
Homemade cookies, a box of chocolate or special dinner with them surely will brighten the day. Or If you don’t like those cheesy stuff just give them a big smile from the heart and be supeer nice to them through the day 🙂

Happy Valentine’s day everyone 🙂



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