Hellow From Hong Kong

Spend 4 days in Hong Kong and had a fabulous time there. It was so crowded than usual because it was Lunar New Year holiday. Many mainland people come to Hong Kong to enjoy their holidays.


Crowd In Causeway Bay


Crowd In Ladies Market

Crazy crowd! MTR stations is full of people also tourist attraction like The Peak. If you don’t really like crowded place I suggest you not to visit Hong Kong during Chinese New Year holiday.
But still Hong Kong is so attractive to visit hehehe 🙂


Traditional Boat


Hong Kong Station


The Legend, Bruce Lee


Jackie Chan!!

*No..it’s not me trying to fit on Jackie Chan’s hand LOL :p

See how attractive Hong Kong could be?

One of my fave area in Hong Kong is Causeway Bay. It is famous for many shopping stores. From the small stores in the alley till the big branded stores.


The Famous Times Square

And another one is SKY100. If you are tired with The Peak long queues then Sky100 could be your choice. It is less crowded and it’s indoor so it wont be so windy like The Peak. You can enjoy 360° of Hong Kong from Sky100. Awesome! 🙂


Miniature of Hong Kong In Sky100


Beautiful Hong Kong View From Sky100

So what do you think? Hong Kong is very attractive right? I would love to visit Hong Kong again and explore many new places there.

Do you have any recommendation place to visit in Hong Kong?? Pls let me know so I can visit it on my next Hong Kong visit 🙂


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