Finding Serenity At Stanley Bay

Hong Kong is very famous as a shopping destination. Known as a very busy city that never sleeps. But for those who seek for serenity and some peaceful place, Hong Kong has it too.


Welcome to Stanley

Spend a day in Stanley Bay during my visit in Hong Kong. Forget Stanley Market for a while, just go straight to the bay and you will find an awesome landscape.

Stanley Bay

Even it is packed with people but I still can feel some serenity there. The sea breeze, the bay and everything just give some peaceful feelings inside.


The Street

I went to one of the cafe there just to sit and enjoying the scenery. Watching people walking or playing with their dogs there somehow makes me feel so calm. Dog lovers, this is your place to visit! πŸ˜‰

Stanley Main Street

Don’t forget to visit the Blake Pier. More beautiful landscape to enjoy there. It was so cold and windy at that moment but the landscape are really worth it.


Blake Bier at Stanley


The Pier

Near the pier there’s Murray House. It is actually and old police office that has been moved to Stanley Bay for a recreational building. I always in love with colonial style building and Murray House is very nice building to enjoy


Murray House

Too bad I didn’t find the Tin Hau temple there. I wish I could visit some temples in Hong Kong someday. Do you have any recommended temples to see in Hong Kong?

I found some serenity at the Stanley Bay and I wish that you will find it too when visiting this beautiful place. πŸ™‚



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