Namaste Festival 2013

Namaste Festival is an annual yoga festival which held in Jakarta. This year it was held at Sultan Hotel. The Festival was held from 29 November until 1 December 2013. They have yoga, healing and wellness class for you to choose. Oh not forget the many cute stuff to choose. From yoga equipments to healthy food. A very nice venue for a yoga enthusiast 🙂

I got my pass from Women’s Health Indonesia. I got 1 yoga, 1 healing and 1 wellness class pass..wohooo!! Thank you so much Women’s Health 🙂



It was the 2nd day of Namaste Festival..the sun is shining and I was so excited to join the classes.


Namaste Festival

The venue was so big and I was a bit worried to got lost and got late entering the class but apparently they have big maps and schedule all around the venue so I can find the class podium easily.


Maps & Schedule

First class is healing class. I choosed Han Ni Choong “Gong Therapy” It was so calming and relaxing. I can feel the vibration from the gongs flowing thru my body. She thought us to be happy, believing our self that we are beautiful and blissful. Awaken our soul that trapped in our everyday stress.


Han Ni Choong Gong Therapy

2nd class is yoga class. I choosed Rebbeca class “Claiming Your Birthright”.
Loving this class so much. Very energetic yet so calming. We danced, we laughed, we do yoga and became very happy. Yes Rebbeca said that we are deserved to be happy and that is our birth right. I feel so much happier after this class. Thank you Rebbeca 🙂


Rebbeca and the students

I was so happy that I could attended this beautiful festival. I would really love to come again next year.

Feel so blessed and thankful 🙂



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