The Exotic Taman Sari

Taman Sari or also known as the water castle is the king’s bath in Yogyakarta. It was built around 16th centuries by a Portuguese architect under the order of the king. It is no longer used by the king for long times ago and now become a beautiful museum.

Taman Sari is a very beautiful yet an exotic place to visit in Jogja. It feels like you can time travel to the old kingdom by visiting and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Taman Sari. Every corners of this place are so amazing! 🙂

A must visit place if you are in Yogyakarta!!

And if you want to dig more about the history behind this beautiful place, they provide guide too to explain everything about Taman Sari, including the exotic story about what happened inside this water castle long long time ago.

If you want to visit this beautiful water castle, I suggest you to visit Taman Sari in the morning because it won’t be so hot and not so crowded 🙂


Taman Sari



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