Get Comfort At Grand Aston Yogyakarta

Stayed for 2 night at Grand Aston Yogyakarta and I’m in love with this hotel!!

Rosella tea was served for the welcome drink. It is unique because many hotels serve juices for their welcome drink. Rosella tea is so refreshing yet healthy.


The room was pretty spacious but the bathroom was pretty small. They give lots of amenities in the bathroom so don’t worry if you don’t bring shampoo etc with you. The swimming pool is pretty small too but I guess it’s fine. Too bad on the last day the swimming pool was on cleaning progress so I can’t swim boohooo…


Their breakfast was supeer yummy! It is served at  the Saffron resto. Guess what? They even served sushi on breakfast! Luving all their breakfast menu.
What I love most about the breakfast is…They serve soya milk! Most hotels serve only fresh milk for breakfast. It is a relieved for someone that doesn’t consume dairy milk hohohoho…
Two thumbs up for Grand Aston Yogyakarta :)


Fancy another healthy drink? Try their jamu corner. They have various jamu to try. Go try and be healthy 😉


Overall..I had a great stay at Grand Aston Yogyakarta. I really recommend this hotel if you are going to visit Yogyakarta. I would definetely stay here again when I visit Jogja another time 🙂


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