Running Essentials

Running Essentials

I’ve been working out routinely lately.  And weekend is my running day with my loved one.  Usually I run on sunday during car free day. You know it’s kinda hard to find safe place to run in Jakarta, and car free day is like heaven for me 🙂

well…as a woman, of course I still want to look good even when working out. So workout fashion & makeup (skin care) is  a must! These are some of my “must have/must bring” when you’re doing some running, walking or jogging.

1. Sports Bra  

oh yes! Ladies, please invest in a good sports bra. You want your boobies stay comfort during your workout session right? A good sports bra is a must

2. Cute Tanks/Shirt  

well…I don’t have to say anything about this. Who doesn’t want to look cute and yet fierce in a cute sport tank top/shirt.                                                                                                             

3.  Comfortable Sports Pants    

    I prefer knee length or short pants because Jakarta is very hot.

4.  Sport Shoes

 Invest in a pair of good sports shoes. You don’t want your running session will be like hell. Don’t hurt your feet ladies. A good sport shoes will make your running better too.

5. Tumbler 

Bring water to your workout session is  a must! You have to keep your body hydrated during the workout. Drinking lotsa water is also good for your body.

6. Sunblock/Sunscreen

It’s a must to protect your skin from UVA & UVB. Invest in a good sunblock/sunscreen.  If you don’t like the lotion/cream type, you can choose the spray type.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             7. Sports Towel

 You need to wipe those sweats after workout ladies 😉

8.  Face Spray/Mist

 I love this! it refresh my face after my workout session.

9.  Sports Gadget 

 Call me a gadget freak but I can’t live with my sports gadget. I suggest Up by Jawbone or Fitbit Flex. They both have good reviews. Mine is Up by Jawbone….anyone use Jawbone?? please add me to your team hehe 🙂

10.  Cheek/Lip Tint??

I don’t believe in putting makeup during workout. In fact putting foundation, powder to your face during your workout will clog the sweat on your face and you know what will happens next. Buttttt…like me, I still want to look flushed, so I wear cheek/lip tint on my cheek. But anyway your cheek will be flushed after it’s not a must but it’s ok if you still want to use it.

That’s all my running essentials. I hope this could be one of your inspiration for your next running session. What’s is your running essentials? please share it here by commenting below or you can share it to my twitter @thisismandyho 😉

Stay fit & beautiful ladies 🙂


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