Bali Trip May 2013

Just got back from my Bali trip. It was awesome until I don’t have time documented all things I saw,ate and did there. I was too busy enjoying the all the things in Bali hehehe

I stayed at Tanjung Benoa area which is very famous for their water sports. If u are a fan of water sports like jet ski,banana boat,snorkling or even diving you should visit Tanjung Benoa.

Here are some pics from my Bali trip..

image                                                    Watermark at Tanjung Benoa


image                                           Road signs at Bali Safari&Marine Park


image                                                                   The Mulia Bali


image                                                Paon Beach Club, Tanjung Benoa


image                                                    Taman Bhagawan, Tanjung Benoa


I really really want to go to Bali again soon..very soon..I hope. Would really love to explore Bali more.. I ♥ Bali!!



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