The Beautiful Ladies From GI Joe : Retaliation

Just watched GI Joe : Retaliation last night. Since I’m not a movie critic so I’m not gonna write about the movie. I want to write about the ladies from GI Joe movie, Lady Jaye and Jinx.They are so inspiring for me!

Why?? 1st, they have a very great body that really inspire me to workout more and eat more healthy food. A good workout is useless without healthy food right?

And….even they are women fighter, they still can look beautiful too. Lady Faye look so stunning when she’s in her undercover. Not to forget, Jinx with her beautiful eyes and eyebrows! I looove her eyebrows!


ImageThe Stunning Lady Jaye

ImageImageBeautiful Jinx

They are really really inspire me! I really can’t wait to start my yoga class again. Not to forget a bit of cardio & weight lifting exercise. Hopefully I can have a great body like them before summer hahaha…* I wish *



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