New Hair! DIY Ombre

I’ve been thinking to change my hair color. I’ve been so loyal to my natural hair color for years. Sooo…I decided to have ombre hair for a new look..yup DIY ombre hair 😉

Let’s start…..


That’s me before the ombre…boring hair color?

I’m using Wella Decore Gold Blonde foe my ombre hair. Many DIY ombre hair tutorials on the internet said to use bleach (for hair) to do this ombre thingy…but the word “bleach” kinda scared me..don’t want to do lotsa damage to my hair though. Soo..I decide for a “lighter” product. It’s a drugstore beauty product so I guess it is lighter than bleach.


I like Wella Decore because they are very easy to apply and has conditioner too for after care..nice! This product also very easy to can find it at the supermarket or any drugstore around you..and of course it’s cheaper than go to the salon..hohoho..

But if you want a pro touch, I recommend you to go to beauty salon. They might be more expensive but they are pro 🙂

And this is me after the ombre 🙂


So how do I Look? Not that bad for a first try right? 🙂


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