Welcoming TRESemme in town!!

Maybe some of you have already know this brand. TRESemme is one of famous hair care products from USA…they are the official hair care sponsor for NY Fashion Week.

And finally they are here! woohooo!
I got this TRESemme sample when went groceries last weekend. Yup they are still branding here so if you’re lucky,you might get free samples from them 😉
But don’t expect the complete products that you often see on their website. They are still very new here.


Lets try the samples…..

I love the scent of the shampoo and conditoner. I have oily hair so I have to be careful on choosing hair product. But i think TRESemme did the good job. My scalp felt so clean and refresh. The conditioner made my hair feel so soft and smooth. After I dried my hair, I felt that my hair is bouncier…wow! Jakarta’s weather is not very good to my hair..always makes my hair feel so greasy and not bouncy 😦
but….TRESemme can make the difference…my hair feel fine even after 2 days not washing my hair 🙂

I would definetely purchase TRESemme products for my hair care.



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