Palgantong Sunny Set

I just bought this Palgantong Sunny Set. Yup, I’m a big fan of BB cream and I’ve already tried Palgantong Theatrical Powder before and I like why don’t I give a chance for this cute little set. If you’re curious about Palgantong, you can search their product at This brand is pretty famous in Japan and Korea. I heard many of Japanese and Korean artists use this brand for their daily makeup routine.

what’s inside this cute packaging?

  • Sunny BB Cream SPF 25
  • Palgantong Loose Powder
  • Powder puff

I tried the BB cream, it has flowery smells and somehow reminds me of my grandma perfume..LOL not in a bad way trust me. It has very sheer color, very light and moist. It’s so light and sheer that I still can see my freckles 😦  But I do like the moistness of this BB cream. The powder is also very light. It’s very nice if you like matte result.

See the result? Before, I just using my daily moisturiser then I use the sunny set. It creates natural look. I like the powder but I prefer higher SPF for my BB cream.   This sunny set is nice for everyday use if you like light product and go for natural look.




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