Glam (Kids) Accessories

Kids accessories are made for kids only? I don’t think so 🙂

I just found out that kids accessories can be glam too for an adult.  It all happened last weekend, when I go to one of a “hype” spa baby in Darmawangsa Square..Oh yes, babies and kids nowadays are living in a very very luxurious life I guess.. they even have their own spa.

That baby spa also sell many kids clothes and accessories. And they are look very fabulous for kids clothes&accessories. Then I looked for a flowery white bandeau and tried it…yes I tried it and it fit me! yeah..I guess I have a (very) petite body that this kid bandeau fits my head. But….when I looked myself in the mirror…Wow! this bandeau looks very glam even for an adult. It also match my pearl necklace..luv it!

I imagined using this bandeau with cocktail dress & pearl necklace for an afternoon tea party…or for an intimate private wedding perhaps? fabulouso!

Apparently kids stuff can be glam and fabulous too for an adult…or maybe we all have those “childish” mind that still love to play around? playing dressing up just like we do when we were a little?

Or it’s just me? Am I too childish?

well..who cares? I think I’m gonna “hunt” for kids stuff after this *LOL*



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