Benefit Erase Paste

Last product from my “Finding Mr.Bright” package.

It called Erase Paste…what?! erase?paste? is it some kind of compute-rial task? That’s what I like about Benefit, they always have a cool awesome name for their product and also a cool packaging too. Erase Paste is a brightening camouflage for eyes & face.

A camouflage to my puffy eyes and some red spot on my face? sounds very nice! I like this product, it really covers your face impurities. The texture is creamy and easy to use. Just use your fingers and dab it to the area that you want to cover. This product works well with good moist skin. Dry skin doesn’t match this product nicely.


Red spots and impurities  with this Erase Paste.. but still I don’t think it covers enough my puffy baggy eyes 😦 ughh how I hate these baggy eyes! I think I need more brighter eye concealer color to cover up this messy baggy eyes.

But if you don’t have puffy baggy eyes problem like me, this product is very nice for you. It blends well with your skin and really cover up your impurities.




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