High Cheek Bones with High Beam

Back to my “Finding Mr.Bright” package from Benefit.

Just tried the High Beam, luminescent complexion enhancer. I really like the result. I used this to highlight my cheek bones the result is really good. The colour is come out instantly in a nice color of highlighter. And it makes my face look brighter…me likey!

It’s not that hard to apply this product. I just made like 3-4 dots on my cheek bones and also on top of my brow bones, then blend it nicely with my finger. It’s not like PosieTint that can leave sheer dots on your face if you don’t blend it fast. It’s easy and nice πŸ™‚

High Beam is very nice for you, if you want to create high cheek bones on your face. Well…I don’t really recommend to use this everyday to campus or office because I prefer more natural look. Maybe for a special date or hang out with besties in cool new hangout place πŸ™‚

I really like this product as my cheek bones highlighter.

Overall, High Beam is a very nice product, and I’m thinking to get the real size bottle for my self..later after I finish this mini bottle πŸ™‚



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