Posie Tint, The Poppy-Pink Tinted Lip&Cheek Stain

Remember that I just got my Benefit “Finding Mr.Bright” package?

I tried the PosieTint, the poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain and I’m in love with this lip&cheek stain.  At first I don’t really like this product, because the color is too sheer pink for me and I almost can’t see it. But after a while the pink color just burst out and made my cheek look flushy…me like it!  I applied it also on my lips and it looks nice too but I still have to put on my SPF lip gloss on it just to get glossier look.

I made 3 dots on my apple of my cheek with PosieTint then blend it on my cheek. Too bad that this product is dry very quickly so if you don’t blend it fast, it will leave like sheer dots stain on your cheek 😦  I think it’s better to put PosieTint on your hands 1st then apply it to your apple of your cheek just to avoid those sheer dots stain on your cheek. Do the same to your lips too and don’t put PosieTint all over again just to get bolder color because the color will come out soon after 😉

PosieTint is very nice if you want to have flushed cheek looks. Can be use everyday if you like natural looks, like going to campus for example. Or maybe to the zoo? or museums? or to the beach? oh I will wear this a lot i guess *LOL*




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