Ragunan Zoo Trip

went to Ragunan Zoo last weekend. I haven’t go there since looong time ago, maybe when I was in elementary school? gosh! it’s been a long time ago. I had a great time there when I was a lil’ girl and expected something different on this zoo trip.

I woke up early in the morning because I’m so excited about the zoo trip.  Fun in the sun is all I had in my mind.  Fun in the sun means you have to put sunblock, you don’t want to get sunburn while you’re having fun in the sun. I use my vaseline sunblock SPF 30 for my sunblock. ahh and don’t forget my L’oreal BB Max for my face. I still want to look pretty even it’s only a zoo trip,  so lip and cheek stain is a must for a natural look. An SPF lip gloss is a must too for me if  I wanna do some outdoor activities.

And for my outfits…..I wore my khaki shorts, white shirts and my favorite sneakers and of course my navy satchel bag to put everything inside *LOL*


I felt disappointed with this zoo, I thought they will grow better and better each year but I guess I was wrong. It’s not that clean as I expected, a bit smelly (no, the smells are not from the animals, it’s more like trash smell) and some of the animals looks so skinny and unhealthy. My tears was burst when I saw a skinny unhealthy white lion. So sad! 😦 😦

I hope the goverment can do something for this zoo just to make it a better place for the animals and of course a better education and vacation place for the people.




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