Bird Poo for Your Beauty??

I’ve been reading about Nightingale dropping mask or “Uguisu No Fun”  in Japan.

Putting bird poo on your face? eeewww! Sounds very very disgusting right?! But this Uguisu No Fun is very famous in Japan for centuries. Kabukis&Geishas use this mask to clean their make up. Nightingale drop contain a natural enzyme (guanine, an amino acid w/ anmonic bleaching qualities) which has a natural lightening action and helps to remove all traces of dirt and gently exfoliates dead skin cells. Leaves skin soft, smooth and brighter. Wow!

I also checked on Oprah’s web about this Nightingale mask and I’m so amazed. And I also found out that this is Victoria Beckham beauty secret too..double wow!  So many links that say that this mask is very very good for your skin.

Some spas even have their special Nightingale drop facial or famously known as “Geisha Facial” which kinda expensive for one time treatment.

Is this mask is really good?

I don’t really know because I haven’t tried it yet..well maybe I’ll try..but not sure when LOL

So do you dare to put bird poo on your face in the name of beauty?



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