L’oreal BB Max UV Perfect

Finally L’oreal has launched their BB cream. It called BB Max UV Perfect

It has SPF 50! Lovely!

I’m a big fan of BB cream, so when I saw this BB cream on magz I absolutely want to try it.
The box says that this BB cream has 10 in 1 benefits for your skin, which are :

  • protective,
  • skin looks fairer
  • blemishes including pores are visibly reduced
  • wrinkles and fine lines are less visivle
  • dark spots are visibly faded out
  • skin tone looks more uniform, skin is less dull
  • skin tone looks natural
  • skin looks younger
  • and feel comfortable

very interesting!

The 1st time I applied this BB cream on my hand,it looks white/pale on my hand. But when I applied it on my face, it doesn’t look so pale..it’s more like sheer color on my face. The texture is like moisturizer, very light on my skin.

I let the BB Max to absorb to my skin for about 15 minutes and love the result! It is very light just like moisturizer and blends well with my skin color. FYI, I don’t use my usual powder after this BB cream, just to know the texture without any powder. I use my usual moisturizer before this BB cream and still it feels light on my face, not greasy or oily šŸ™‚

After hours and hours working, this BB cream still stay smoothly on my face, it really moisture my face. I work in air con area for a long time and I really need good moisturizer for my face. And this BB cream works so well to moisture my face.

I don’t know if Ā I wear this BB cream for outdoor activities,especially that I live in a tropical country that is very very humid. A loose powder maybe will help this BB cream stay gorgeous in your face when you’re doing outdoor activities.

Overall, I like this L’oreal BB Max UV Perfect, it has great texture and blends well on my face. Love the light texture,the moistness and the SPF 50!


7 thoughts on “L’oreal BB Max UV Perfect

  1. I bought this BB cream yesterday. It is light and not greasy. The coverage is sheer but it does help brighten up skin. I apply loose powder after it and the skins looks qutie nice.

    • I think it will work well too on oily/combination skin. I use loose powder to make it look more matte and I suggest to use loose powder after this bb cream if u have oily/combination skin. I haven’t tried maybelline bb stick..will try it for sure šŸ™‚

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