Beauty Magic Cream, a Real Magic?

What is Beauty Magic Cream? it’s a beauty cream from Saudi Arabia. It can diminish dark spots, fine lines, also brightens your skin. I’ve been using this cream for about two weeks and wow! it really does the magic! my dark spots is slowly disappear..well not completely but it slowly disappear. My face also become smoother, suppler and looks brighter. This cream has no fragrance at all, maybe if you use this at the 1st time you will find this cream has an odd smells..well not that odd actually hahaha.. but after few days you won’t bother about the smells anymore.

Β I love this cream and will use this cream forever! πŸ™‚

How to use this cream? This cream is working as night cream. Β And you apply your usual moisturizer or day cream in the morning as usual. Some of my friends said that after a month of using this cream regularly, it’s better that you don’t use this cream every night anymore. Use this cream alternately with your night cream. My friend use this cream 2-3 times a week alternately with her night cream.

Where you can find this cream? go to Saudi Arabia and buy them in their apothecary/pharmacy? well..could be done like that, but I found many online shop that sells this magic cream. Just make sure that they sell the real Beauty Magic Cream.

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24 thoughts on “Beauty Magic Cream, a Real Magic?

    • I got it from my uncle who went to Mecca few months ago. But you can also buy this cream via online, just find a trusted seller. One of trusted seller that I know is Kinara Shop ( πŸ™‚

  1. Mbak mandy, apa sampai skrg masih menggunakan krim ini? Apa betul krim ini tidak boleh dipakai lbh dr 1 bulan? Saya baru 2 minggu memakai krim ini dan msh takut sbnrnya untuk penggunaan jangka panjang. Mhn bantuanny, trmksh πŸ™‚

    • Hai Putri,
      Yup I’m still using the cream. Tapi skrg diselang seling dgn cream malam. I use it about 2-3x seminggu diseling dgn cream malam. Setelah 1 month dipakai tiap malam baru diselang-seling dgn cream mlm yg biasa kamu gunakan πŸ™‚ hope this will help xoxo

    • I started using this cream after my pregnancy. I got dark spot on my face bcoz of the pregnancy. I think u better consult your doctor 1st if u wanna use this cream during pregnancy.

      hope this could help πŸ™‚

  2. I want to know if using this cream leads to thinning of the skin. Also what are the side effects. Is it safe to use this cream forever. Thanks. Yasmin jamal.

    • dear Nina..
      aku beli cream ini di Kinara shop Kalau kamu di Jakarta, Aku jg pernah liat ada toko di pasar mayestik yg jual barang2 dari arab jg jual cream ini (you can ask for the store that sells habbatusauda in Mayestik)

      hope this can help πŸ˜‰


    • di ada yang paketan tuh jadi bisa coba dulu sih.. dari yang perna beli bilang ny pada ori disana.. bole dicoba mba.. bukan iklanin ya cuma reference in aja heheh

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